YMCA Swimming Lesson Holiday Program


The YMCA Swimming Lesson Holiday Program is designed to give school aged children the opportunity to participate in a fully supervised, fun and educational intensive swimming lesson and aquatic program over the school holidays.

The program aims to increase the awareness of students and parents to both the dangers and delights of an aquatic environment, and to provide a better understanding of the role personal and water safety programs play in the development of skills to combat dangerous and/or life threatening situations.

The YMCA Swimming Lesson Holiday Program highlights the YMCA’s understanding of the need for children of all ages and levels to be able to confidently, competently and most importantly, safely take part in aquatic adventures with their family and friends.

The YMCA Swimming Lesson Holiday Program employs only Austswim qualified teachers. All our teachers are experienced in the teaching of water safety and stroke development skills and are well qualified to teach the broad range of skills we offer within the program.
The YMCA Swimming Lesson School Holiday Program operates on a 1 teacher to 6 children ratio for the infant and school-aged classes and a 1 teacher to 5 preschool-aged children.

Program Levels:
The YMCA Swimming Lesson Holiday Program has classes for a broad range of skill levels and abilities. If you require advise on the appropriate level for your child please contact the Aquatic Education department on 94392266.

Enrolment Procedure:
Enrolments are generally accepted approximately six weeks prior to the beginning of the school holidays.


Customer Service staff will supply you with times and dates classes are available for your child’s skill level. All children will be reassessed on day one of the program to ensure the level they have been booked into is appropriate for their skill set. If a level change is required the YMCA Swimming Lesson Holiday Program Coordinator will make every effort to ensure the child is correctly reassigned to a suitable level at a time convenient to the customer.